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Jim Houlihan Bio

     I started woodworking around 9 yrs of age. I was well into it when “This Old House” debuted in 1979.  It was and still is my favorite show on television.  I have been buying and selling single family homes since 1993.  I would play this old house every time I got one.  I still do real estate renovations and reselling, and now I do remodeling for others as well.  It is my true passion!



Studs Remodeling Stories


Bathroom Renovation

      One of the full bath renovations we did I realized early on that we had not done our estimate correctly.  We were very low. In fact we lost several thousand dollars!!  We did not ask for more money or abandon the job or cut corners.  We simply made a mistake. So we owned up to it and learned what we missed.  That bath turned out to be one of our best looking jobs to date.  I’m confident that having integrity will always pay off in the end and erase any monetary losses. – Jim


Funny Story

      My first house turned out to have a lot of hidden rot and water damage that I couldn’t see initially.  It was an extremely difficult job, especially for a first timer.  During the demolition I discovered some artifacts that the original carpenter had put in the walls when he was building the house.  Most were just interesting but one item I was sure was a treasure.  It was a coin from 1864 when the house was built.  Thinking that I struck it rich, I raced down to a coin collector in Worcester who was on the phone and asked me to wait a minute.  As I waited I noticed the same coin in his glass case.  On the price tag it read $20.00.  Needless to say I was back to working on the house about an hour later.


The Water Heater

      When I bought my current house I’m living in now it needed a lot of work.  I had replaced most systems in the house but one morning, a Saturday, I had no hot water.  So I checked to see if the circuit breaker was tripped.  It was not, so I then looked at the water heater which was very old.  I called my electrician at the time and he was out of town.  I did reach him though and he had me run some tests that were inconclusive.  He seemed to think it was the water heater.  I called my plumber and he was also away for the weekend. Figures! My family didn’t want to wait until Monday evening for hot water so I went to the plumbing supply house and bought a top notch water heater.  I had never done this before but I thought I could handle it.  After realizing I did not have all that I need I went to Home Depot.  Three trips later (they were not helpful) I finally got it installed.  So I filled up the tank and waited ½ an hour.  Still no hot water.  Think Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation! After much dread I went to the electrical panel again.  Upon closer inspection I saw the breaker was old and I wiggled it and it worked.  What’s worse I had a replacement breaker in my workshop the whole time!


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